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Dive Into the New Age of Quantum Communication

Blind Quantum Computing Simulator

We aim to develop secure blind computing protocols which can be implemented on the existing hardware available on the quantum cloud.

Quantum - Memory, Communication and Internet

We are identifying solutions to store quantum data, which is the key need of every quantum technology like quantum communication, quantum internet in multiple modules as quantum repeaters, routers.

Quantum Secure Direct Communication

We are designing new protocols for Quantum Secure Direct Communication, finding flaws in existing protocols, and fixing flaws by modifying the protocols.

Quantum Artificial Intelligence

Quantum computing applied to artificial intelligence and more specifically to Machine Learning is termed as Quantum Machine Learning (QML). 

Radical New Technology With World Changing Potential 

Our mission is to to develop scalable prototypes of quantum technologies and an inherently safe quantum internet based on the fundamental theories in quantum mechanics. 

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