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We Create And Own Value

At Qulabs, we are constantly in the process of rediscovering possibilities and reimagining boundaries using the power of quantum communications and the innovations that we deliver as a result of the same. 

The IPs that we own are intended to protect leading edge technologies that we produce through our R&D efforts and designs. 

Our IPs

image 5_edited_edited.png
Optimal Quantum Routing Protocol and Path finding algorithm for the Quantum network
image 6_edited_edited.png
Secure multi party quantum conference
image 7_edited_edited.png
Techniques Of Quantum Computing Model
image 8_edited.png
Simulator for Quantum, Computing Systems.
Quantum Random Number Generator A software QRNG with Digital Quantum Simulation
Secure quantum multi party XOR protocol
image 1_edited_edited.png
Quantum Secure Direct Communication With Mutual Authentication Via Rotation Of an Abitrary Basis.
image 2_edited_edited.png
Measurement Device Independent Quantum Secure Direct Communication.
image 3_edited.png
Long distance MDI-QSDC protocol with EPR pairs
image 4_edited.png
Quantum Memory Ultra-long storage assisted Second generation Quantum Memory using intrananotube double-dot heterostructure
Quantum Memory Rare-Earth Doped Transition Metal Dichalcogenide Thin Film for Quantum Storage of Light
Software Platform for Modelling and Simulation of Quantum Network Communications System

Our IP Protection Initiatives

For many years, our efforts to protect our intellectual property have been a high priority. These cumulative efforts have served as the driving force that has underpinned our ability to create value for all stakeholders involved with us.

By enhancing the level of cooperation between our intellectual property divisions, our academies and our operations, we are formulating an intellectual property strategy designed to generate and create new business. 

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