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We Are Building A
Quantum Future

We Engineer Solutions To Complex Problems Using Quantum Principles

Breaking new ground in quantum research, development and application

We are building solutions to significant problems that will demonstrate the advantage of quantum technologies as a landmark achievement on the path to applicable, large-scale quantum computers.

Quantum AI

We are building machine learning capabilities that are superior to traditional classical algorithm and solves computationally intensive problems.


Quantum Memory

We are enhancing the memory capabilities of quantum networks for sustainable long distance communication 


Universal Quantum Simulations

We are creating quantum simulation solutions for various physics and chemistry applications. Our state-of-the-art solutions are designed to revolutionize the fields of fundamental science and beyond.  


Quantum Communication

We are creating secure quantum communication protocols in QSDC and QSS along with laying up foundations for quantum networks. 


Blind Quantum Computing

Welcome to the Blind Quantum Computation (BQC) project, where we aim to develop secure blind computing protocols which can be implemented on the existing hardware available on the quantum cloud


Post Quantum Cryptography 

We are dedicated to developing and implementing cutting-edge post-quantum cryptographic solutions.  Our focus is on creating post-quantum cryptographic protocols and their applications that are both secure and efficient 


Unprecedented Velocity. Impregnable Security.

Qulabz is head-quartered in Princeton, New Jersey and has the unique credential of having started a subsidiary R&D company Qulabs India which is India’s first and leading company in the emerging and disruptive field of Quantum Communications with labs in collaborations with leading research institutions.  

We Take Pride in Our Numbers


Research Partners


Global Research Labs


Quantum Scientists


Countries World Wide


IPs Owned

Collaboration for Innovation

We collaborate on a local, national and international level, with leaders from academia and industry

Institutional Partnerships

We partner with various institutions and scientific communities who are actively working in this domain

Our Govt. Partners

Our Academia Partners

Our Business Partners

Our Industry Partners

Are You Ready To Accelerate Along With Us?

Our business goal is to deliver reliable, high quality, cost-effective, efficient, scalable and absolutely secure quantum communication solutions to a global marketplace.

We are doing this through our quantum Internet platform and software stack by applying latest state-of-art technology advancements with both private and public participation.

The aim is to  provide the most secure, accessible, affordable, and transparent communication platform to consumers, governments, businesses and start-ups.

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